Why is it so hard to find a coloring book??

I was looking at Kmart today for a new coloring book for daughter for our trip next week (not that she really NEEDS one) and I wonder when they stopped selling just 'regular' coloring books? Not books with 600 stickers that cost TWELVE DOLLARS! Something slim that will just slide in the backpack; nothing that will require a visit to the chiropractor when we get home. I didn't go anywhere else to look. I figured it was God's way of telling me we didn't need one. I will go through what we have here and should be able to find a couple that will work just perfectly. $12 saved!

Speaking of my trip to Kmart, I was a little embarrassed returning my $2 box of foldover lunch bags. I had to return something else a little bigger (but not much) so I figured I would take those also because I don't need them. I bought them when I thought I was making cookies for my daughter's last day of school party and I was going to individually bag them with hopes that the kids would take them home and spread out the sugar intake (Crazy, I know) but I ended up buying cookies instead (time issues and a torn apart kitchen). It will take me years to use 300 of those bags so they are now back at the store where someone who will use them can purchase them. I used to never return anything. Too much hassle, I guess. But now if I don't need it I want it OUT of my house!

Gas- I haven't talked about it because, frankly, I am just tired of that being the topic du jour on the news & everywhere else. But, I figured why not get on the band wagon. haha Plus it is good conversation sometimes. We went to CA last weekend and apparently people don't care that gas is pushing $4/gallon (or already there). The highway was packed! We paid about $4.15 in CA and are paying about $3.89 here in AZ. It sounds like the $4 is getting to be the norm around the country. I drive a YukonXL. Please, no comments on how much of a gas guzzler it is, etc. I know. Luckily our town is small and I don't drive too much & not every day. My husband has a diesel truck & diesel is close to $5 here. We are also fortunate enough to have one of these
to drive to work and we have the weather to do it. It costs $18 to fill up and lasts 2-3 weeks. How cool is that?? My husband drives about 10 miles to and from work so it sure beats that diesel truck.
I wonder if gas will ever go down though? Only time will tell I guess. Until then I guess we live with it or get a bike!
My daughter is out with my mom this morning at the park. She was so excited. She is trying hard to get used to staying home and is a trooper but loves to get out. We are going to all meet my husband & dad at lunch later.
I am off to get some work done while I am alone...


Kellie said…
Gas is about $4.20 a gallon here and it totally sucks! I am also wondering if it will go down at all in the coming months.
My daughter is approaching her summer months at home as well and I'm wondering how bored she might be, although she is good about playing alone. We should team up and have them be pen pals and write letters!
Laurie Anne said…
Hubby paid 4.21 today in WA. I can't believe it. I made him fill the car because I just can't bring myself to pay that. I tell my husband I would drive a golf cart if I could. Can you get them completely enclosed with a heater??
As far as coloring books go, check out your local dollar store. Sammie is very into "homework" and those little coloring books are just the ticket :0)
Lisa said…
Hi! Laurie Anne,
Sorry your vacation was such a deluge. It sure has been nasty. We are all suffering with the gas problem. Its sooo irritating. I was going to tell you about coloring books. Dollar store is great, but the christian book stores have the absolute cutest ones, about farms and school and family.How novel! I think I had to buy the farm coloring book 3 different times the kids loved it so much.
have a great day!
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