School's out for the summer...

Oh yes, this looks like the life. But my summer will not include a trip to this lovely locale. Actually, we are headed to Northern California where we will be treated to some weather in the high 60's and a little rain. So I think my daughter's time in the pool will have to be replaced with an indoor activity or two.

Today was the last day of school. Hallelujah! It was sad to say good bye to friends and her wonderful teacher but I have been looking forward to this day for a while. Not as much rushing around (I hope) and when we get home from our trip you will find us in the pool everyday. I am concerned about my daughter not having anyone to play with but we will do some playdates each week so she will have company other than mine.

Today was a fun day of games, food and movies. I was in class the whole day helping the teacher and playing with the kids. One of the little girls in the class said 'jiggle, jiggle, jiggle" when I put my arm up to show her something. Lovely. I told her it wasn't nice and she said "I say it to my mom all the time". Then I didn't feel QUITE as bad since her mom is an itty bitty thing. :) The things kids say! But I will try to lift weights a little more - maybe that will help?? The things that come with age.

I made my daughter's teacher a little scrapbook with pictures of the kids throughout the year. I thought it turned out cute and she loved it. She said she had never received a gift like that and was very touched. What a blessing it was for my daughter to have her as a teacher. She learned so much and had fun doing it.

My daughter received the "Principal's Award" this year. We were so proud and happy for her. It was given to 2 kids in her class for academics, good behavior, helpfulness, etc. AND it was voted on by her teacher as will as the art teacher, PE teacher, computer teacher, music teacher and library person (I don't believe she is a 'librarian' - another post for another day). The little boy who also got it is a gem and I was so thrilled for him too.

So the last day was a good one. Lots of good Kindergarten memories. I have tons for her scrapbook and can't wait to put it all together.

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend.


Kellie said…
Congratulations Mom! We all know when a child receives an award, the parents receive it too.

I'm so jealous that the last day of school is already over for you. We have until June 20th here. And don't worry about playdates -- soon your little one (like mine) will be off with her friends all the time so enjoy your summer why you can.

I always enjoy reading your blog as we are going through the same things as a parent with daughters the same age! Enjoy your holiday,

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