My Fridge...

Laurie posted pics of her fridge the other day and I thought I would join her. Here's the front. I resisted the urge to clean it off. If am not a fan of alot of things on the fridge but with a child now I can live with it. The day will come when she won't want to put as much on there. Plus that top right hand corner is where I keep all my pertinant school info; upcoming events, newsletter, etc.

Now for the inside which I just cleaned out a few days ago so it shouldn't be too horrible. I try to keep it cleaned out but every now and then I will find some yucky sour cream or mushy tomato. Yuk.
So, there it is. All our secrets exposed. haha
We are FINALLY painting our kitchen cabinets. I have been talking about it for years but I have the paint now and the doors are coming down. My husband's friend is changing out the hinges for us for - get this- a 30 pack of beer. What a deal that is. He has a cabinet shop so he does it everyday so it's not as daunting for him. I think he is going to do new countertops for us too. We will pay for those. :) You can see a little bit of the lovely countertops we have now. I actually like the color but they go with virtually nothing. Our cabinets will be white and we are getting a sandy color solid surface top. A bit more neutral. I will post more about my kitchen as we get going.
My daughter has her last CCD class today and, of course, there will be a party. My mom is picking her up from school (thank you) & I will drop off the snacks. I am off now to make a gift for her teacher (nothing like waiting until the last minute!)


Laurie Anne said…
I look at my mom's empty nest fridge and it is so bare. I totally get the "embrace the clutter" of the fridge while the kiddos are young.
I can't wait to see the painted cabinets. I want to paint my so badly. White cabinets just make a kitchen so cheery :0)

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