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Tomorrow is December 1st. We all know that. What I don't quite know is HOW it got here so quickly. Every year I wonder. Every year it all gets done. This year will be the same; I am just not sure how it will happen.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister's house in Utah. Although there was snow on the ground, it didn't snow while we were there. It would have been nice but Little Miss made due by building baby snowmen with the existing snow. She was also able to take snowboarding lessons for the first time. She had been asking since her last ski lesson in March. Against our better judgment, we let her do it. She didn't like it and wants to go back to skiing. I am proud of her for trying it and sticking with it all day long when what she really wanted was to ditch the snowboard and put on skis. While she was in snowboarding school, I joined my mom and sister for a pedicure. A much needed pedicure.
Friday night we all went to the 'Polar Express'. I have to admit that I had been putting this off for the past 7 years. We have a Polar Express in Arizona ,too, but it is a 3 hour drive which usually means an overnight stay, plus it books up a year in advance. My husband doesn't really plan ahead so I never made reservations. We are really the only people in our group of friends who hadn't taken their kids to it yet. When I realized that we could go to the event while at my sister's and it was only a 40 minute drive I decided it was time. I have to say that we had the BEST time! The train took us to the North Pole while we drank hot cocoa and read the 'Polar Express' book. We had a visit from Santa and he stopped to talk to all the kids. On the way back to the station we sang Christmas Carols. It was a fun way to start the Christmas season.
So, now we are back home and I am trying to figure out what I am going to do to accomplish my many Christmas preparation activities. I want to make a detailed schedule as I am out of town the next two weekends - This Saturday LM has a hockey tournament and the next weekend my mom and I are going back to my sister's for a little Christmas brunch here with my sister's friends and their moms. I am hoping I won't have to work too much for my husband (his secretary was out all last week due to morning sickness) - that could really throw a wrench in my plans!
I have lots of things going on with Christmas decorating. Lots of ideas and pictures to share. I hope to be able to do some of that this week.


Laurie Anne said…
Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving :0)

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