Have you ever...

seen clothes as cute as the ones J Crew has for kids (Crewcuts) ?

I am looking for something for Little Miss to wear with this skirt.

I need something short sleeved for Christmas Eve at church. It was hot as blazes last year (one lady even passed out from the heat) so she needs to be cool. That counts out a lot of really cute Christmas options, unfortunately. Of course, in looking for tops or light sweaters I come across this darling velvet dress (pictured above). I fell in love with it as well as some other dresses. Also, some really cute sweaters. Fell in love. Love.

But I am still looking for a top. I have to remember that and keep focused. Since I already have a perfectly cute skirt, I want a top. I want to spend as little as possible as it's probably not something LM will wear a lot. Hope I can do it! I am off to check Hanna Andersson now (sale in progress).

Wish me luck...


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