Happy Homemaker Monday....

The weather in my neck of the woods: Warming up again- supposed to be 89 today.

On of my simple pleasures: a morning walk

On my bedside table: 'Finding it' By Valerie Bertinelli (almost done!)

On my TV: Fox Business channel

On the menu for tonight: quesadillas

On my to do list: Stamp club, pet smart (need dog food), change sheets

New recipe I tried last week: none

In the craft basket: nothing right now.

Looking forward to: stamp club today, hopefully taking LM to see Santa on Saturday (we will be in Las Vegas to meet my husband who will be there for a Trade show most of the week & it's a good chance to hit the mall and beat the rush -I just hope Santa is there - he was last yr so I have my fingers crossed.)

Homemaking tip of the week: If possible, I try to do all my housework during the week so I can relax on the weekend and not feel like I 'should' be doing this or that.

Favorite blog post of the week: It was a good blog week with Halloween but I have to say I just love this one.

Favorite photo of the week:

LM is trying to tie the pink poodle to Smokey's back with ribbon so the poodle can 'ride' him. If Smokey ever runs away, we'll know why!

Lesson learned the last few days: Everything eventually falls into place.

On my prayer list: friends & family

Devotional, scripture reading, key verse:

"I have done my best." That is about all the philosophy of living one needs.

~ Lin Yutang

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I agree with the housekeeping tip of the week. Love the verse too. Happy Monday!
Jodi said…
I am with you on the tip!
shopannies said…
love your house keeping tip for this week and your verse as well
Jen said…
Love your tip. Your dog looks thrilled to play "dress up". Have a great week. Enjoy stamp club!!
Sandra said…
Great tip, thank you so much :)

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