I can make that...

I am joining the 'I can make that party' hosted by Just a Girl today. LOTS of fun, easy, thrifty Christmas gift ideas. Head on over and check it out.

Here's what I have:
Little jars of hot cocoa mix. They would be great for teachers, babysitters, mail carriers, coaches, scout leaders, neighbors, etc.
I used jars I had from mushrooms. The Walmart brand mushrooms are great because the top is solid gold so I didn't have to try to cover a logo. I have been collecting these jars for months just for this project.
You can use already made hot cocoa mix (buy it in bulk) or make your own.

I made a little tag with instructions (sorry it's blurry). Just printed the instructions on regular paper - you could also use cardstock.

I used these rub-ons from Target's $1 spot to decorate the jar and part of the label. I got one sheet of the red and one of the blue for $1. Can't beat that! You could also paint the jar or use stickers. Just be creative. Everything but the rub-ons I had on hand.
So, for less than a couple of dollars I think this is a great gift.


Linda said…
Love how they look...did you get those cute rub-ons this year at Target? Thanks soooo much for sharing with all of us in blogland.

The Mrs. said…
You are going to get MOmmywood! Just email me your info at onefabulousmom@gmail.com!
Astrid said…
Oh my! Such a sweet little gift! I'd love it if someone gave me that as a gift. :)
debra said…
I got the rub ons at Target this past Saturday.
Your idea is so great...i especially love the tag. And thanks for commenting on my little idea I am all about swapping other people's ideas and making it my own so feel free.
Stacie said…
Super cute! Thanks for sharing!
Chris said…
What a great idea that can be given to all kinds of people! Thanks for sharing!

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