Cover that window...

I have never been a fan of window treatments. If I had my way all of my windows would be uncovered. But I married a man who would keep the shades closed all day if he could (part vampire, maybe?) so cover the windows I must. Plus in the summer keeping the blinds shut during the day keeps the house a lot cooler.

When we moved into our house all the windows had vertical blinds. I have never been a fan of verticals but I knew it was something that would be easy to change. We have converted most of our windows to 2" faux wood blinds - faux wood works well here in the AZ heat and sun. Our sliding glass doors (another thing I am not a fan of) in our bedroom and playroom have cellular blinds which I quite like. Our bedroom has room darkening ones for the hubby. :)

I got my new Pottery Barn bed & bath catalog yesterday and fell in love with these drapes. The are room darkening bedroom drapes. I don't need them in the bedroom but dream about them in our dining area. But truth be told, I can't imagine every buying them because they are expensive (although I am sure they are worth every penny!) and even if I got a great deal on them they are dry clean and I really like being able to put my drapes in the wash (a chore for tomorrow, actually). So I'll continue to dream about these yummy blue drapes and the day when I am not so practical.

What I really would like to cover my windows with are plantation shutters. I love the clean look of them and how finished windows look with them. We have looked into them and since we have a child to send to college we have decided that the faux wood blinds are just perfect for now.
But it's always nice to have a plan for the future of our windows....


MG said…
I am also loving roller-blinds, although at myself I have net curtains and curtains.
But I am searching for appropriate roller-blinds of it is of one's flat:)

Greetings form Poland :)

Bye, bye
LANA said…
Your blog is beautiful. I had faux wood blinds and they worked well. When I moved into my present house I got Plantation shutters from Home Depot. Took forever, they had to measure more than once, and they were expensive. But they were worth it. And they are permanent, and a great selling feature (if we ever). So don't worry, I'm 60 yrs old and it took me that long to get them. You will too. Lana at

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