Monday, Monday...

Monday's are usually my favorite days. Everyone is back to work and school and I have the morning to gather my thoughts and eat a leisurely breakfast before starting my day. My friend, E, who I carpool with has her husband take the kids to school since he is off on Mondays.

Today, however, has been a bit odd. We had a new dishwasher delivered this morning and my husband uninstalled the old one last night. This morning I wake up to a leak in one of the dishwasher hoses - thankfully just a slow leak but still an inconvenience. My husband had to come home and semi-install the new dishwasher to stop the leak. I have been washing the dishes in the wet bar sink instead of the kitchen sink since something is turned off there and the hubby said not to use it until the new dishwasher is totally installed. I am thankful to have a wet bar sink and not have to resort to washing the dishes in the bathroom - something I am sure we've all had to do at one time.

I have some things in the wash right now (I can still wash clothes, thankfully) and then I am off to do some end of month things for one of my clients and for my husband. Having the last day of the month fall on a Monday makes it a little less serene than I'd like. But I am thankful to have some work even thought I am swamped right now. That's the way it should be I suppose.

As I read the preview of this post I noticed I used the word 'thankful' a lot. I reached for the thesaurus and decided that I would leave it alone. Although redundant, I think it symbolizes this Monday. I should call it 'thankful Monday'.

My family will surely be very thankful if I can get to the grocery store today as well....

While you are upon earth,
enjoy the good things that are here.
~John Selden


Laurie Anne said…
I too enjoy the quiet of the "monday house". It's the quiet after the storm of the weekend that gives you a chance to catch your breath as you gear up for another week :0)
Is that picture one we took in Australia?

I'm a fan of Mondays in order to get back to a schedule and some action - kind of the opposite of your reasons. My house is quiet all the time since it's just me :)
Debra said…
Yes, that is Palm Beach.

I suspect your house won't be so quiet in a couple of weeks...

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