Now, there's a thought...

Be who you're meant to be,
not what you've become because every one's so busy.
I am not a Glenn Beck fan. No particular reason. He just came along too late to join my talk show party. I have the shows I listen to and LOVE but there just wasn't room for one more. So I never listen or watch.
Until today.
He is on the talk radio station on XM right before Dave Ramsey (who I do have room for). I turned to the station this morning thinking it was time for Dave but it wasn't. Glenn Beck was on talking about stockpiling food for an emergency (I think). As I was getting ready to change the channel I heard him say this:
Be who you're meant to be
not what you've become
because every one's so busy
I thought, 'I have to remember that.' I am not sure if the thought this up on his own or if he was quoting someone else. I am not sure it matters but if someone knows I'd love to give credit where credit is due.
I think alot of folks can (and should) apply this to their lives. To themselves. Hopefully we all know our authentic selves. But how many of us live it everyday with all the hustle and bustle going on? Is is just easier to go with the flow and not worry about who we really are, what's really important, what's right? Sometimes it is. But just because something is easy doesn't mean it's what we should do. Being who we're meant to be takes a little effort, maybe even a little courage sometimes. But that's a good thing. Something to think about...


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