Hippity Hoppity...

I was looking at my calendar and realized that Ash Wednesday is in 2 weeks. Which means Easter is in about 8. I usually skip right over St. Patrick's Day ( although I made a really cute, cheap little St. Patty's day 'decoration' which I'll try to show you next week.) and go straight to Easter. I love the 'Easter Bunny' part of Easter ( I love the religious part too but I usually decorate the bunny way). So fresh and bright.

Even though this year spring will officially arrive a month before Easter AND we live in Arizona so it will be getting H.O.T. by the end of April, Easter symbolizes the spring season to me. And after this winter (it was even cold here - actually, it is cold here now) I am more than ready for Spring. I thought it was here last week but apparently I was wrong.

So I will wait for Spring patiently. Planning for the day when I can plant some flowers that will not succumb to the frost of a chilly night. Picking out an Easter dress for my sweet girl to wear to church on Easter and then switch out of quickly into something more suitable to an egg hunt.

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.

~Anne Bradstreet


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