No foyer, no mudroom... problem!

We have virtually no foyer in our house and definitely no mudroom (not much mud in Arizona!) but I wanted some place for backpacks, jackets, shoes, etc.

When we added some cabinets in our dining area I asked the cabinet maker to make a little bench with cubbies and some hooks at the end of the wall closest to the front door.

This is it at it's very neatest. It doesn't look like that too often! I am on my 2nd set of canvas bins. They just don't last forever but I have always been able to find great deals on them (both times @ Kmart). If I ever were to find baskets to fit at a great price I would love to have them in the cubbies for some texture.
One cubbie houses LM's shoes, the other one has the a dog leash and gloves (yes, we need them sometimes!) If you have multiple children you could designate a bin per child and make a cute label for the bin.

If you are unable to build a cubbie and only have limited space try a large basket placed on the floor and some hooks on a wall near the door. In other words, make your own 'mudroom'. It's so nice to have a place to keep those shoes and backpacks that keeps your entry way relatively neat.


Shannon said…
That was a great idea and a great use of space. Love it!
Nora said…
Wow, the entry way looks so nice. We have no mudroom either. I'm thinking of adding something to our garage to help house all of our "stuff"

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