The Closet...

I have tackled my closet in this adventure I like to call spring cleaning. You've heard of it. We all do it. Most years anyway, right? I am following along with the schedule at Simple Mom. I have finished week one - the master closet. She is on week 3 (kids' toys and clothes). I have yet to finish (start?) week 2 (paper clutter!) I know, I am a bit slow. Just give me time!

Here's my closet - we have 2 very small closets in our master - this is mine. Quite the mess in this photo. I have had that yellow shoe bag since I was in high school and worked at Pappagallo. Talk about something made to last! I love it though and can't imagine life without a shoe bag.
Here's my after. Pardon the poor photo. I took it in the late afternoon when the sun beats in our bedroom door. It doesn't look too different but I filled up a trash bag to take to Goodwill plus had a few things to put in the trash can. The way I stack the shirts up makes for a quick mess so that's why I am in this closet a lot straightening and purging. I was surprised I got rid of as much as I did this time.
It's not beautiful and working with a space that small is tough - tough to keep straight. But it's what I have to work with.
Next up - that paper clutter and LM's stuff. Her stuff gets dealt with quite a bit too. Since there is no one to pass things down to when she outgrows something I usually keep a bag in the garage and when it's full I take it to the Goodwill. Since she's the only one who wears her things most of the items are in great shape.
The paper clutter? That's another story for another day. See you then...


Laurie Anne said…
Congrats on getting the closet done. I'm slowly digging my way through mine. I'm also a fan of the shoe holder. They are a great way for me to keep my "nice" shoes up off the floor so I can actually find them when I need them.
Love the new background :0)

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