Yesterday when I picked LM up from school I noticed she had on 'new' shoes. I asked her why. She broke her sandals during recess. I didn't really notice what she was wearing on her feet yesterday morning since she left when the delivery man was here. Rest assured, I would have nixed the sandals as it was a bit chilly in the a.m.

The nurse provided her with tennis shoes and socks. I was happy that the nurse was able to do that & that I didn't need to be called to bring a new pair. I often complain about the wacky (in my opinion) things the school does but I was thrilled to see them take care of LM when she needed it.

When we got home I ask LM for the socks so I could wash them and return them to school this morning. She said, 'oh, I only had them on for a few hours. You don't need to wash them.' Alrighty then.

I washed those socks and returned them along with the shoes and a thank you note to the nurse.

Oh, and today LM has on boots....


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