Friday, August 17, 2012

A little change...

While my husband was out of town a while back I did some moving of furniture and other stuff in an effort to open things up in our house - specifically our bedroom on this mission.  I moved out a dresser and a love seat and moved my dresser to one of the open spots.  It's so nice to be able to move around better in this room. 

When I was doing all of this I noticed that our mantel had become a hodge podge of all kinds of things.  All things I like and want to keep but didn't have a new home for.  I started here:

With some editing I ended here:

That waterfront print was in our room on a wall that housed the short dresser I moved into LM's room (are you still following me?)  When I moved my tall dresser to that wall, this print no longer worked there.  But I am loving it over the fireplace.

I bought nothing new for this makeover.  I put away a lot and pulled a cute little frame out of the closet.  I love the transformation and am enjoying the space we have now.  I love the idea of creating a totally new look without spending a dime.

I'm currently working on my office/craft room.  I have already thrown out two bags of trash and 1 1/2 bags will go to the Goodwill.  And there's still more to do.  One day I hope to have some really neat pictures to share.

Oh, my husband hasn't said a word about it yet!  I'm not sure if he hasn't noticed or just hasn't said anything.  It's a pretty big change and I figured he'd say something.  But not yet...

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Laurie Anne said...

Looks great. It always feels so good to purge. Good luck with the office I know how stuff just seems to breed in places like that, hehe.