The Weekend Ahead...

Today is the last day of the first week of school.  It looks like it's going to be a good year:  wonderful teacher, nice group of kids in LM's class, new principal (hooray!) & uniforms (the kids are quickly getting used to this).  LM's teacher doesn't believe in a ton of homework just for the sake of giving homework which, after last year, is a good thing.  If they don't finish work in class, have an upcoming test or have a project to work on they'll have homework.  She wants them to read for 30 minutes each night, otherwise it will be pretty limited.

The weekend ahead will have us doing very little.  Maybe a trip to Hobby Lobby for nothing in particular but other than that we have nothing planned and nothing pressing to accomplish.  It's the first weekend like this since the spring.  Crazy to think, isn't it? 

We have movies to watch that we bought and never had a chance to watch.  Games to play that haven't been touched in a while.  Books to read that have been sitting on a shelf for too long. 

Sounds like the perfect summer weekend to me.

What do you have planned?


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