LM starts school tomorrow.  Fifth grade.  She is excited to start a new year but also a little sad that summer is over.  I, however, am a lot sad that summer is over.  As The Mrs. said 'it gives me a stomach ache'.  I couldn't have said it better.

We are ready for school.  Shopping is complete - and on a written budget for the first time.  School supplies dropped off.  Orientation night is over.  All that's left to do is get there on time in the morning.  That we can manage.

What I am finding a little more difficult to manage is the whole summer ending thing.  Weather wise we still have LOTS of summer left.  But the easy, breezy lazy days of summer are behind us.  What makes it hard is that I never felt easy and breezy this summer.

There was just too much going on.  Some of it lots of fun: Disneyland, a road trip to Northern California to see family and friends, hockey camp and golf camp.  Some of it was fun mixed with worry, like the trip to St Louis for my mother-in-law's open heart surgery (she is doing well now). Some sadness like the passing of my mother-in-law's husband in July which meant a not so fun trip to St Louis for my husband.  But we never really felt relaxed and easy, breezy this summer.  A year's worth of activities seemed to be crammed into 10 weeks.  I guess that's how things go sometimes.

We still have weekends to enjoy some swimming and playing.  We'll try to make the best of it even though it's not the same as those long summer days that go into the summer nights and start all over again.  And you know I'll be thinking forward to Fall Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break.  And then Summer will be here again before you know it.  Another chance to get summer right - easy & breezy.

Maybe it's not really over.  Just on hold until next year.


Laurie Anne said…
It seems like summer JUST started here (finally hit the 90's) Happy first day of 5th grade to LM!!
Kellie said…
Oh, no -- school? We start the day after Labor Day here in CT. Summer goes by too fast. We didn't finish until late June, so we still have some time left, although it does feel like just around the corner. Hope she had a good first day!

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