Before and After - kitchen

I was going through some old blog posts looking for some pictures of my kitchen before we re-did it a few years back.  I came across this one and my first thought was "That's my old kitchen.  I can't believe I lived with it like that."  Isn't it funny how our taste evolves over the years?

This is the before. Yuck.

This is what it looks like now.  Cabinets painted, new counter tops, new back splash, under cabinet lighting (maybe it's just as well we didn't have that before).  Hard to believe it's the same room.  Here's the entire post on the backsplash reveal.  You'll notice the wall was brown, not yellow, before we put in the back splash.  We painted it after the cabinets were painted and the counter tops were replaced.

I sure do like my new kitchen better.  You agree, don't you?


Laurie Anne said…
Painted cabinets make such a HUGE difference. Isn't it funny how long we live with something before we finally bite the bullet and then we wonder why we waited so long :0)
Kathy Moody said…
Wow, your cabinets look great. Love your blog. Your newest follower. :)

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