Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring is here...

I hope you can see the little bird's head in this picture. My daughter noticed it this morning. There has been a nest in the tree forever but we have never noticed any birds. I assume she is laying on her eggs as she didn't move while we were looking at her or taking the picture. Now, this tree is just about dead but I couldn't do anything to it because of the nest and now after seeing the bird it will be here a while.
I guess this is a sure sign of spring. It has been in the 90's the past few days so it really seems more like summer but seeing these little spring signs reminds that it is only April. I hope that those of you who have had such a harsh winter are seeing these signs as well.
I am slowly getting over my American Idol disappointment and am planning on boycotting the show from here on out. My husband will still watch when a playoff hockey game isn't on so I am sure he will keep me posted.
We had such a busy weekend. And fun, too. I was in the 5k race yesterday. I walked it and was NOT the last to come in! Thank goodness for the ladies with their strollers! One of my friends was the first woman to finish the 5k which was really neat. She got a trophy for that. I aspire to that but... I don't know. My sister ran the 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles!) That was so impressive to see all those runners do that.
My daughter had too much fun this weekend - she didn't want to go to school this morning! I think she thought if she stayed home she would get to continue on with the fun. My husband took her and a friend to see "Horton Hears a Who". The 6 yr old movie review - 'it was GREAT!!'. The daddy review - ' it was pretty good.' So there you have it. I guess it's worth seeing. :)
This morning as my daughter was getting dressed she told me she didn't like the panties she was getting ready to put on: "Why don't we just give these to charity?", she says. Always something funny coming out of that mouth.
Happy Spring....


Laurie Anne said...

Great picture. I didn't see the bird at first. My parents had robin nests at their old house and we loved watching the babies grow up. Too fun :0)

Eileen said...

Hi Debra, I tagged you.So if you want to play just come by my blog.