What next?

Really, is this necessary? Now, I am all for plastic surgery if that's what you want to do - it's not for me (well, check with me in 30 years!) but if you want to do it I think it's great. But do we need a book on how to explain it to your kids? I am all for reading too but this has to be junk (I haven't read it so I could be wrong). I just don't understand this - I bet the kids who have this book will be wanting a tummy tuck or breast augmentation for a High School graduation gift. Wonder why??

We live in a town where, I would guess, there are more breast augmentations per capita than anywhere else. Or pretty close to it. Every other person it seems has had this done, including many of my friends. Whatever floats your boat. :)

I had my scrapbook/stamp club this morning. I love going - I get so inspired. I wish I could come home and keep going but I rarely do (including today). I have a ton of projects and gifts I want to make. Hey, maybe instead of blogging I could work on that kind of stuff.... hmmmm...

My daughter was invited to a slumber party last Sat night. She was so excited and ready to spend the night with her friends. My husband & I took her to C's house and when we got there her mom said she had to cancel as C had just thrown up and wasn't feeling well. We went in and gave C her gift and then my daughter lost it. She just started bawling. I felt so bad for both of them. Luckily, we had her outfit with us for Sun morning so she changed and went on our 'date' with us. We had a wonderful Italian dinner & she thought it was fun to go on a date. I bought 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' when it came out so we put the blowup mattress in the living room with her sleeping bag and watched the movie. Really cute, fun movie. She spent the night in the living room too. I think we salvaged the night for her. She was able to play with another friend on Sunday so she got some 'friend' time too.

This is 'Turn of your TV' week. I don't know how long we'll be able to have it off- my husband is not on board at all - it's hockey playoff time after all! I am trying to plan some fun things for the afternoon for my daughter so at least we can cut out an hour or so a day. I bought some flowers for her to plant and some seeds so that will be fun - and tomorrow is Earth day so it kind of does double duty. I am also going to have a scrapbooking afternoon for her this week. She can make what she wants and we are even going to use the Cricut. There are really cute printable coloring pages at the Crayola website. What did our parents do with out printables?? There is also more info and some contests at the Center for Screen time awareness We'll see how this week goes. If I Tivo something this week does it really count as not watching if I am watching double next week?? Probably not.

Well, I am off the print those Crayola pages...


Laurie Anne said…
Here is the thing about tivo... it allows you to watch your shows in half the time. I love it. I can fast forward through commercials and boring parts. I especially like it for home improvement shows. You can skip to the end and if you like what they did you can go back and see how they did it, if not, you just saves yourself a whole bunch of time. Tivo is good
Eileen said…
hi Debra, Gee I wish I had tivo o well. I still do it the old fashioned way with a vhs recorder;)
That sounds like fun haveing one whole week of no tv. I wish I could do that but I dont think I have that much self control.
Kellie said…
That's so funny that you put that book on your blog because I was reading about it and thought it was a joke, then realized, oh no! It's not a joke! Sick. I'm sorry. Parents need their heads examined sometimes.

I'm be Tivo-ing too if I couldn't watch TV for a week. My hubby would definitely not be on board either!

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