Back home..

for now. We will likely be headed to my grandmother's on Friday if not sooner. She is 91 and not doing well. She has some type of bacterial infection which has not been responding to meds. At least I think that's the deal. We have talked to so many people this weekend & gotten so many stories that it's not totally clear as to what is going on but the bottom line is that she is not doing well, in pain, not eating, not sleeping, and she is 91 (92 in Aug). My grandfather called this morning and said that although this may go on for a long time he thought it would be a good idea to come up within the next week or so. We are currently trying to figure exactly when to go.

We did have a fun weekend in Las Vegas. My husband was there for a race so my daughter & I tagged along to shop and go swimming at the hotel pool. We have been staying at the Flamingo about 4-5 times a year for the last 4 years. So my daughter is very familiar with it (especially the toy store). When we walked in she said "Ah, the smell of the Flamingo". Oh my! Now I know that many people think that Las Vegas is not for kids but it is the closest big city for us to shop, etc so we go alot. It's not that bad - you just have to think before taking your kids somewhere. It is getting a lot more kid friendly. But my daughter's favorite things are room service & riding in a cab. Pretty wholesome stuff. She also loves M&M's world. She doesn't want to miss it while we are in town. They have a really fun 3D movie that's free (right up my alley).

I bought a new skirt and top at Ann Taylor. I kept thinking that I was spending too much but when I had the items rung up they were both on sale! The skirt was half off so that was really great. It is fun to have new stuff. I think I am about done with my spring/summer shopping - for me anyway. I am now on the lookout for some jean shorts for my daughter for her kindergarten program next month. Some of you may remember my futile search for jeans earlier this year. I hope this jeans short search doesn't end up being the same thing. I'll keep you posted!! :)

I am off to have lunch now...


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