That's two hours of my life I'll never get back....

Can you hear it? That sound of getting 'sucked' into something? That's what happened to me today when my mom mentioned "The Real Housewives of NYC". As it just so happened, today is some sort of marathon so I tuned in 'just for a minute'. Two hours later I was still watching. Yikes! Needless to say it was interesting in a strange sort of way. Personally, I found most of these ladies more likeable than their Orange County counterparts. Bethanny actually was the runner-up on the "Martha Stewart Apprentice". So, I ask, who is the bigger loser - her for being on both shows or me for watching both?? Hehe - just kidding. :) She is actually much more likable on this show than on the MS Apprentice. Anyway, that was my productive afternoon!

I did mop the floors and vacuum although I had to re-mop some of the floors on my hands and knees (which is why I needed that TV break :). I am not sure why the floors were messed up - they were spotty in areas but I don't know why. I think I am going to toss the mop and just do it with the swiffer - I put a thin, washable cloth on the swiffer (instead of buying the wet clothes which just get thrown out) and mop away - seems to work better than the mop for some reason. We have tile everywhere but the bedrooms so I really should be mopping alot.

I never did mention but I found Organic milk at Target for $2.41/ half gallon. About $1 less than our grocery store sale prices. Thought someone out there might find that interesting.

My daughter will be home from Daisy Scouts in a few minutes. They had a field trip to the local beauty school today. I am sure they had a great time. I can't wait to hear about it.

I was tagged by Eileen so I will take care of that ASAP....


Kellie said…
Don't feel bad about watching the Housewives. I've actually watched it every week. I don't know if I like them more or less than their OC counterparts. That Ramona is annoying, however, and don't get me started on that weird couple. (FYI -- I watch MS Apprentice too. You are not alone.)

Target is way cheaper for organic milk here as well... I usually will buy the Archer Farms brand there.

I hate mopping too. But your are right about the Swiffer thing. It does seem to "scrub" better than a mop.

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