I was tagged by Eileen yesterday so here goes..

7 Random Things About Me

1. I love the beach
2. I love to take naps-everyday if I could.
3. I love to clean (although you wouldn't know it)
4. On that same line, I would rather clean the toilet than empty the dishwasher. I told my husband that one day I want TWO dishwashers. One for the clean dishes & one for the dirty ones so I never have to empty it!
5. I like to stay home. My husband and daughter are the opposite so I don't get to do it too often - just have a day to go nowhere.
6. I love Oprah & TIVO it everyday. I don't watch it if the subject is not to my liking but I want to have the option.
7.I would like to scrapbook more (maybe I could if I stopped doing #2!)

So there you have it. I will not tag anyone now since I know most of you have been recently tagged.


Eileen said…
Hi Debra, How are you? It seems like its been forever since I commented your blog. Just stopped by to say hello.

P.S.Thanks for playing along, I loved reading your answers.
*carrie* said…

That is fascinating about the dishwasher. I don't mind it, though, I don't really like sorting all that silverware!

I wish I could nap more. I always seem to think of something else I should be doing!

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