Home Sweet Home...

We arrived home from my Grandma's funeral this evening. It was a LONG weekend. The journey was not quick and easy (& right now I am too beat to go into the long, boring details) but once we arrived in town things were great.

We had a 'little' get together (about 45 or so) at my dad's cousin's house on Friday night. A really great thing to do the night before the funeral as we hadn't seen a lot of the family for a couple of years. One of my dad's cousins put together a slide show of pictures when they were kids. Lots of fun. Another cousin put together a list of family recipes. Lots of things we all remembered from years ago that Grandma, Aunts, Great-Grandma, etc. made.

The funeral was on Saturday at 11 at the chapel on the Oakland Temple grounds. The grounds are very beautiful and it was a beautiful day with blue skies and just a hint of a chill in the air. We arrived about 10'ish and the parking lot was packed. There were a also a couple of weddings taking place that day and children running everywhere. The service lasted about an hour. I always knew how wonderful my Grandma was but I was so happy to hear that non-family members felt the same way about her that we did. My cousin did the eulogy which was really nice. My sister did a rememberance which was also very nice. A lady from the church who is a violinist played a favorite song of my Grandma's. After the service, the church served a lovely buffet lunch which gave us an opporunity to see those we didn't see on Friday night. We left the church and went to change before we ran off to my Grandpa's for dinner and some more socializing with our more immediate family.

It was a really nice weekend even though we were there for a sad reason. It was kind of strange going to my Grandma's house and her not being there.

Tomorrow it's back to school for my daughter and lots of errands (and laundry) for me....


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