Take Back your Family....

I saw Rev Run on Fox Business this morning talking about this book which I remember hearing something vague about a few days ago. I love the idea of taking back your family. I haven't read the book yet but will look for it at the library as it seems like something really worthwhile. I didn't realize that Rev Run was 'Run DMC' from years ago until this morning. I was never a Run DMC fan, for whatever reason but we all grow up and I am willing to listen to anything the parents of SIX well adjusted, good kids have to say. If anyone has read the book I would be interested in hearing some feedback. Once I read it I will share with you what I think. I think even if we can take one or two things from books like this and incorporate them in our daily lives we are moving in the right direction. Everyone has different parenting styles but I think the basics of 'good' parenting are pretty much the same.

I have asked several parents of grown children what they did that made their kids 'good', productive, respectful, etc and every last one said 'we spent lots of time with them while they were growing up'. Food for thought.

Well, I will be MIA for a few days while we prepare to leave for my Grandma's funeral which is on Saturday.

The most important work
you & I will ever do will be within
the walls of our own homes.
~Harold B Lee


Amy said…
Hi Debra!
Thanks for stopping by my blog & being brave enough to comment on the homeschooling/Christian school thing.
I agree with this post, I'll read just about anything (or listen to) if it'll give me at least one idea or motivation to better family & parenting.
Have you read FAMILY FIRST? (dr phil) I'm not his biggest fan, I think he says a lot of common sense things (yet w/ that accent, they seem so new ;)
I'm considering checking it out at the library...
where it will most likely sit on my night stand & collect dust. :)

Happy Tuesday,
be blessed!

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