The star...

Here's the painted star on the painted wall. I love the way it looks.
My husband just called to say the license plates are here for the new car (finally!) so I need to go get those today. I am also waiting to hear from the vet about a refill for the dog's meds. I would like to be able to wait and go out when I pick up my daughter from school but we'll see. I hate breaking up the day by running around. I get so much more done when I can focus for a block of time. So I am off to clean- I am not sure when the PIGS arrived to mess this place up! :)


Lisa said…
Hey, I love that star on that brown wall, sister..totally. perfect blue for that brown PERFECT!

Thanks for the adivce on my friends kindergarten teacher problem. I hope that it will all be alright, I really need to see whats going on before I the dear old Bobvilla says. grrr
Lotsa love from the beach!
coastal nest
Laurie Anne said…
It looks fantastic!! Isn't it amazing how the little things here and there make such a difference??

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