Put down the paint brush and walk away from the paint...

This was my husband's thought yesterday when he came home and I had painted yet another wall in the kitchen chocolate brown. Poor guy. I also painted my new barn star robin's egg blue. I think this will be the crowning touch on the kitchen and really tie the colors together. I promised not to paint anymore walls. I will post a photo of the new wall and star soon. I had to do some touch up so the wall is still wet in spots and the star hasn't been hung up. I have some more touch up to do on the cabinets, molding, etc. Yes, I should have done it sooner but I didn't.

Last night I took my daughter to a Girl Scout sign up and a viewing of the 'Cheetah Girls' new movie. The one filmed in India. Well, where do I start? No one from her troop was there but she was happy just to sit and eat popcorn and watch the movie. Cute movie, but not really appropriate for Daisy's or probably even Brownies. I even overheard another mom say that it wasn't appropriate for our girls' age - so I wasn't just be old-fashioned. Apparently it was a nationwide Girl Scout event. But the thing that made want to just get up and leave (and I feel like this at all girl scout things here) is the disorganization. I can't even put into words the chaos that exists. I really try to be understanding and I know it's alot of work but you would think something would have been learned from the last chaotic event. The girls were noisy most of the night (it started at 6) so they actually turned the movie off to tell the girls to pipe down. Didn't work. One of the older girls (Junior or Cadette age) even yelled at every one to 'shut up' once. Excuse me?? Aren't we supposed to be teaching the girls leadership skills? Something's not happening here. Luckily, my daughter has a great troop and great leaders and we only interact with these other folks a few times a year.
Well, I am off to paint. Just touchup, remember??


Laurie Anne said…
I'm with you on how awful disorganized events can be. Being a teacher it is doubly hard for me to watch stuff fall apart without jumping in (sometimes I do because I just can't stand it) Sam is in K this year and we are thinking about girl scouts. Ben is in boy scouts and I think those programs are so worthwhile. I was a campfire girl and they don't have those anymore. Oh well, I wouldn't mind taking on the role of troop leader, I think it would be fun. However, I know how much work it would be so I'm still on the fence.

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