Life without Walmart...

It has been almost 3 weeks since my last trip to Wal-mart. My life is just as rich and I think the bank account is even richer! haha. I honestly think I spend LOTS more money there on all the
'bargains' I find. Plus, our new Wal-mart is a HAUL - it's not so much the extra ga$ but the time it takes to get out there. I have been taking care of my shopping at the grocery(check out this blog for ideas on doing your gift shopping there), Kmart, Walgreeens and (I order from there about once a month-no shipping if you order a certain amount). Life is less hectic for sure and all those stores are 5 miles from my house or less. I don't do the Walgreens thing like the folks who get tons free or very cheap. We just don't need that much. I did find some great bargains on some things at Kmart yesterday in the 'clearance' aisle. They had beach towels 40% off plus an extra 20%. I didn't get any as we have plenty of beach towels but what a deal!
My daughter's first day of 1st grade was yesterday and all is well. She had a good day and really likes the teacher. Plus she has some other great kids in her class. And, thankfully, most of them are very well behaved. Last year was like a ZOO so I am thrilled this year. We have a 'parent night' tonight at school which we will hopefully turn into a 'mini' date night. My mom is babysitting so hopefully we can get a drink after the meeting.
I am off the for day...


Laurie Anne said…
Glad the first day went smoothly. A mellow class is such a treat.
Linney Shvede said…
I love deals and less impulse purchasing!
Thanks for your sweet comment over at my blog. I just had to link over and see how it turned out for you. I'm encouraged that you have a child now. I've just got to try to stay positive, and things like that do help.

Have a great day!

I am so glad that you stopped by. I am happy that the first day of school went so well.

I love your kitchen. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets, but taking that first step is scary.

Have a great day! ~Wendi

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