Friday, February 29, 2008

18 pairs of jeans...

Or is it 17? This is an update to my jeans post. The Lands End jeans are super cute & the perfect style but they didn't work (yet) - the 8 'plus' - toooooo big, the 7 'plus' -too big, the 7 regular- too tight. I am debating ordering the 8 regular but at this point I have spent more on shipping than what the jeans cost. My mom also got her a really cute pair at Kmart - 1st pair-too tight, 2nd pair - too big. I thought the 2nd pair might work - she put them on, they looked cute, looked like they fit, then she jumped rope and they started falling down! Today it was 80 so I am wondering how much longer can she even wear jeans this season. All I can say is UGH - who thought this would be a full time job? :)

Today I bought 2 indoor house plants. Very small but cute. I haven't had house plants in years (read: since the last ones died). I thought I would give it a try again. I know this isn't rocket science but I hope I can keep them alive for a while. Right now I just have them in the plastic pot they came in but put those pots in these really cute pots I have. I hope to get to replant them this weekend. I know it is good to have plants inside so I have my fingers crossed on this one. In the past I have had luck with this type of plant. I even used to put the cuttings in glasses and when the roots sprouted I would pot them and have lots of plants. Since we moved to AZ it has been harder for me. I don't know if it's the dry air or what. Time will tell, I guess.
I am soooo happy that the weekend is here. This has been a really busy week so it is nice to have the break from the weekday chores, school and business. We have no plans :) except for a surprise birthday party for a friend tomorrow evening. They have kids our daughter's age so it's a family thing. My daughter is really excited to get to go and see her friends. They go to a different school so she doesn't see them much.
I am off the finish helping my daughter get ready for bed and watch TV with my hubby. I think I hear 'The Price is Right' in the background. Yippee! My all time favorite game show. A happy weekend to everyone...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bad Mommy..

Gosh, I can't believe it is Thursday already. Where, exactly, does the time go??

My daughter just came to me and asked, "Where is the Barbie makeup head that Annika gave me?" Now, the Barbie head has been gone for well over a month. It is one of those heads you can make up and do her hair. It had gotten so gross with tons of makeup all over, glitter in the hair, etc. I made the decision a while back to toss it - she hadn't played with it in months. So, what do you say when asked the above question??? "Mommy threw it away." No, I tried that once. Tears went on and on. So ( this is where the bad mommy comes in), I say, "Hmm, I am not sure, we'll have to look for it later. Why don't you go play with your real Barbies and do their hair?" This, thankfully, worked. But was it the right thing to do?? I will probably be struck down for this some day.

I just read Kellie's post at about yesterday's Oprah and the 'Freegan' lifestyle. Very interesting. Kellie pretty much said everything I was thinking about it. But it does get you wondering..could I EVER dig through someone else's garbage? I don't even like to have to dig through mine & I know what's in there. The waste in our country (and probably others too; I am sure we aren't the only guilty ones) is really disgusting. I think that alot of people just don't even think about it. They just assume they have to use paper towels, paper napkins, plastic bags, etc. I am famous in my family for washing and reusing sandwich bags. But I have my limits - I won't re-use anything that has stored raw meat. And cleaning peanut butter out of a bag is not fun. But if the bag held a few baby carrots for a few hours, why not?? I started it because it saves money but then I started thinking about the waste. Drive by the neighborhood and just see the trash sitting outside people's homes. Disgusting, I say. I know that larger families are going to generate more trash but when I see tons of aluminum cans (hopefully in the recycling bin) or bottles, I just wonder. The other thing I think is wasteful is at the grocery in the produce dept. I see people put ONE cucumber in the plastic bags. Why? I can see if you get 6 and don't want them rolling around in the cart getting damaged. But one should be safe. I may not ever be a Freegan but I do try to do my part and think about whether or not I really NEED something that I buy. I thought we could probably go a couple of years without buying anything new(except for food, toiletries & clothes for my daughter as she outgrows hers) & be just fine. Wouldn't my husband just love that......

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Day...

Well, my husband is home from his second trip in a week. His uncle died on Saturday, the 16th so he flew back for the funeral by himself and got home today. Needless to say it was a long week for us all but I am glad he could go spend time with his family.

We were able to stop at a couple of places after we picked him up today. I wanted this little cake stand from Williams-Sonoma. It is the small green one on the top. I saw it in the catalog & fell in love with it. I am putting my few Easter decorations out now even though I have my St Patrick's things out also. I dont have a lot of either so it doesn't look too wild.
I also got this adorable towel at Williams-Sonoma. I just fell in love with the color and little bunny pattern. Definitely an impulse item but so worth it! So, I think I have spent enough on new decorations this year. I also made a little run to Walmart yesterday and got some Easter basket stuff for my daughter. I didn't get any candy, just a few things to go in the basket: soap, a cute little writing pen, bubbles. Nothing she really needs but I like to put things besides candy in there. I have ordered some books from Scholastic that should be here in time and they have some coloring books at the church gift shop that I want to look at.

I dislike Walmart immensely and basically try to avoid going there but it's one of the only games it town so sometimes I am stuck. Plus, they do the holidays well (read: cute & inexpensive) so I thought I would check the Easter aisle. I also got a darling little mini-hat box for her teacher to put cookies in.

In the Easter aisle I found these buckets for $1. I love them! I got four; one for her pencils which were previously housed in a box (how sad!) & three for her little art container for crayons, rulers, whatever.
They had lots of spring like colors. I really had to stop myself at four.

Well, I am off to try to make some dinner for my family. My husband has been dozing off and on in his chair since we got home and my daughter has been enjoying down time in her playroom just playing with her things. That playroom has been spotless all week. A true sign that we have been too busy running around to get in there and make a mess!! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh No...

Fly Lady here I come!! I got a call today from my cleaning lady and she is getting a new job and won't be cleaning houses anymore. I was shocked and sad. She is such a nice lady and the best thing about her is that she is soooo nice to our dog. It's like Montana has a baby (I mean dog) sitter when Noreen is here. I was actually planning on asking her to come everyweek instead of every 2 when a friend who also uses her moves. So much for that idea! So, I am going to log on to in the morning and brush up on some ideas and do this myself!

Now I know in the big scheme of things this is not a problem at all. But it just throws a wrench in my little schedule. It is hard to find someone you can trust with all your worldly posessions (not to mention your dog!) so I think I will sit back, start cleaning and hope she calls to say the new job didn't work out...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

15 Pairs of Jeans...

This has nothing to do with "27 Dresses", although it is getting to be almost as comical. By the way, "27 Dresses" is a really cute movie if you haven't seen it. Anyway, I have been on a mission to get my 6 year old daughter a new pair of jeans for about 4 months with no luck. Just something she can 'toss on' with anything - wear on the playground - just really basic. No rhinestones, characters or plumber's cracks (a big thing here!) Let me tell you it is hard! My daughter is not one of these skinny little things that can wear anything (just like her mom) - she is tall and stocky. Add to that our shopping choices (Walmart, Kmart, and JC Penney - which is closing so they have gotten no new merchandise since Christmas) and things get really tricky. I have paid a fortune in shipping to find these jeans. I think I have hit on these from Lands End, I just need to get the size right. I just ordered the 3rd size from there and hoping that the 3rd time is a charm. I have my fingers crossed! I just hope that it doesn't get too hot for her to wear them after all this work!
Speaking of clothing, today she told me she is not 'fashionable'. What??? She is in kindergarten! Where does this come from, I ask? Of course, I think she always looks really cute. I ask her, "who is fashionable ?" Her answer is a friend in her class named Faith. Well, I am thinking that this child is not fashionable so I am not sure why she says this. So I ask, "what does she wear that is fashionable?" Answer, "She has a 'Bratz' t-shirt". Oh, now I understand! HA I just tell her that we don't do Bratz and leave it at that. How many more years of the clothing battle do I have???

Friday, February 15, 2008


It's a sad day again in our fine country. I am praying for all the friends and families of the students at NIU. It is so hard to understand a tragedy such as this. Only time will heal these deep wounds. God bless you all..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Comfort food...

I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day! Our day has been good which is more than I can say for the weather. We have had a beautiful last few days but it just couldn't last (darn groundhog!). Today we awoke to lots of wind, clouds and cold! So that's where the comfort food comes in! As I write this I have a pan of homemade mac 'n cheese in the oven. Perfect food for the not so perfect weather.
Today I was in my daughter's class all day. They had a Valentine's party and gave out their Valentine's. It was a fun day and it wasn't until I was handing out backpacks at the end of the day that I realized "these kids have been REALLY good today". Even the ones who are somewhat challenging were behaved wonderfully. I guess they are getting ready to be first graders. We do now have enough candy to rival Halloween. I put it in a 'candy jar' and divvy it up one piece at a time, one day at a time. It will last until well past Easter. We got my daughter some books and a United States Bingo game for Valentines. The game is fun and pretty educational. We played it this afternoon & had a great time. One of my pet peeves (I don't want to offend anyone) is how so many Americans have no clue about this great country; they can't name the states, capitals,etc. I don't know why it bothers me but it does. So I want my daughter to be well versed in this area. Plus she has so many relatives and friends in different parts of the country. It's nice to know where Grandma lives.
Well I am off to enjoy that mac 'n cheese while it's still hot...
PS. I do know about paragraphs & when I write these blogs there are sepatations in my paragraphs but the post doesn't always show that. I will try to figure out why and fix it!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, it's almost Valentine's Day again! It is always a fun holiday around here. Especially now with my daughter. She gets really excited about giving cards to her friends and family. We bought her class Valentine's yesterday. It was hard to find Valentines without candy or toys. What happened to just giving out cards?? We settled on the Littlest Pet Shop cards with a small heart candy (ugh- just what the kids will need on Thursday!) But she is thrilled and that's what it's all about sometimes!
I don't do much Valentine's decorating usually. We have a cute wooden wreath at the front door and some hand towels. I made this little garland with my scrapbook paper and my cricut. So easy! And I thought it turned out cute, too. I got the idea from another blog so I can't take the credit for this great idea.
I was proud of myself when we were at Target yesterday. I just walked right past the Valentine's candy. I gave up candy for Lent and figured why tempt myself! Hopefully, I can give it up forever, or at least be able to stop at one piece. That's my problem really - one piece is never enough.
My husband is back from his trip. While he was gone I was sick - no fun since I had all these plans to do things around here. Instead it looked like a hurricane tore through the house as it was all I could do to get off the couch and make meals for my daughter for a few days. I did get caught up on all my Tivo'd shows and watched some old cartoons with my daughter (remember Penelope Pitstop, Dynomutt and Hong Kong Phooey?) Thankfully, I am almost back to full speed. My daughter, however, isn't not feeling too great. She had a fever last night but was feeling better this morning so she went to school. I haven't gotten a call today so I will assume all is well.
Have a wonderful, love filled Valentine's Day & enjoy some candy for me....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's that time again..

The time when my husband asks me every 30 seconds, "Are my taxes done?" I may be exaggerating but he really asks at least every other day! So I am going to install turbo tax today and get going. I should keep a log of how many times he asks me this. The wierd thing is that I really enjoy doing our taxes and turbo tax makes it pretty easy and stress free (usually).
My husband is going out of town to visit his uncle who has been diagnosed with cancer. He leaves tomorrow. I am kind of wishing we were going with him but it's not really a fun type of visit and not much to keep a 6 year old occupied. So we decided he would go alone so he could spend time with his uncle and not have to worry about us. My husband is a little bummed too since it has been snowing in his home town for about a week and it's going to continue to be really cold. Now, here in AZ we haven't gotten out of the 50's for a few weeks but the 30's are going to really be a shocker for him!
We had a really fun Super Bowl party on Sunday. We were a bit concerned since none of us were Giants or Patrtiot fans but it was a good time. I have one friend who came with her husband and kids and the husband was out of control mean and rude to just about everyone there (including his wife and kids!) It was this first time he met the rest of our friends that came so I was terribly embarrased and have been apologizing for his behavior. I am not sure what the deal was - I can only chalk it up to too much beer right now. My husband tried to calm this man down but wasn't too successful. I hate when these type of things happen. It is just uncomfortable. We have decided though it's time to distance ourselves from him. This is not the 1st time he has acted like this but it is the worst. The sad thing is that his wife is super nice and great to be around.
Well, I am off to lunch with my husband...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

It doesn't take much...

I am very excited about my new printer & my new Cricut (r) (a die cutting machine used for scrapbooking). First, my new printer: a few days ago the old one just stopped working properly. It wasn't pulling the paper through the rollers (at least, that's my expert opinion -haha). It would maybe print a half a page. I fiddled with it a bit but figured it had lived a good life. I got it a few years ago and it was one of those $40 deals. Now I have a beautiful new printer that copies & scans; I had been making copies on my fax machine & I have never scanned. It also has a little place for the card from my camera & will print photos right there. Don't you just love technology?

I also have a new Cricut(r) courtesy of my wonderful husband. He suggested it for Valentine's Day & I got it early. I have used it a bit and just love it! It will make scrapbooking so easy and really fun. It makes me want to go back and re-do pages I have already done (like I have time for that!) Now, I know what you are thinking - how romantic. Actually it is because he was listening to me talk about scrapbooking and this machine so when he saw it he knew I would like it. I like flowers as much as the next person but I am really practical, too.
We are having a Super Bowl party tomorrow so I will probably spend most of the day getting ready. We were to have a crowd but people are dropping out - sick kids (common this time of year), husbands working, remodeling projects. I hope that a few still show up! I am not totally upset that we won't have tons of kids. I started thinking that my idea of keeping them corralled in my daughter's play room might not work since there would be so many. Now it should be much more manageable. I am so looking forward to all that party, snacky food & I will try to control myself! A friend is bringing a big pot of chili & she makes great chili. Yum!!
I am off now to take a shower and get ready for the day. We are going out for breakfast & I will pick up the rest of the groceries I need for tomorrow. We will also stop by this great farmstand in town for our veggies and fruits. It is such a fun thing to do and the produce is super fresh. My daughter is also excited since there is a little park near the farm stand so we will make a detour there. Happy day...