Happy Day...

Well, my husband is home from his second trip in a week. His uncle died on Saturday, the 16th so he flew back for the funeral by himself and got home today. Needless to say it was a long week for us all but I am glad he could go spend time with his family.

We were able to stop at a couple of places after we picked him up today. I wanted this little cake stand from Williams-Sonoma. It is the small green one on the top. I saw it in the catalog & fell in love with it. I am putting my few Easter decorations out now even though I have my St Patrick's things out also. I dont have a lot of either so it doesn't look too wild.
I also got this adorable towel at Williams-Sonoma. I just fell in love with the color and little bunny pattern. Definitely an impulse item but so worth it! So, I think I have spent enough on new decorations this year. I also made a little run to Walmart yesterday and got some Easter basket stuff for my daughter. I didn't get any candy, just a few things to go in the basket: soap, a cute little writing pen, bubbles. Nothing she really needs but I like to put things besides candy in there. I have ordered some books from Scholastic that should be here in time and they have some coloring books at the church gift shop that I want to look at.

I dislike Walmart immensely and basically try to avoid going there but it's one of the only games it town so sometimes I am stuck. Plus, they do the holidays well (read: cute & inexpensive) so I thought I would check the Easter aisle. I also got a darling little mini-hat box for her teacher to put cookies in.

In the Easter aisle I found these buckets for $1. I love them! I got four; one for her pencils which were previously housed in a box (how sad!) & three for her little art container for crayons, rulers, whatever.
They had lots of spring like colors. I really had to stop myself at four.

Well, I am off to try to make some dinner for my family. My husband has been dozing off and on in his chair since we got home and my daughter has been enjoying down time in her playroom just playing with her things. That playroom has been spotless all week. A true sign that we have been too busy running around to get in there and make a mess!! :)


Laurie Anne said…
Glad your hubby is back and I hope he is doing well. Very cute easter items. I need to pull my stuff out, but feel compelled to clean up first, ugh :0)

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