Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, it's almost Valentine's Day again! It is always a fun holiday around here. Especially now with my daughter. She gets really excited about giving cards to her friends and family. We bought her class Valentine's yesterday. It was hard to find Valentines without candy or toys. What happened to just giving out cards?? We settled on the Littlest Pet Shop cards with a small heart candy (ugh- just what the kids will need on Thursday!) But she is thrilled and that's what it's all about sometimes!
I don't do much Valentine's decorating usually. We have a cute wooden wreath at the front door and some hand towels. I made this little garland with my scrapbook paper and my cricut. So easy! And I thought it turned out cute, too. I got the idea from another blog so I can't take the credit for this great idea.
I was proud of myself when we were at Target yesterday. I just walked right past the Valentine's candy. I gave up candy for Lent and figured why tempt myself! Hopefully, I can give it up forever, or at least be able to stop at one piece. That's my problem really - one piece is never enough.
My husband is back from his trip. While he was gone I was sick - no fun since I had all these plans to do things around here. Instead it looked like a hurricane tore through the house as it was all I could do to get off the couch and make meals for my daughter for a few days. I did get caught up on all my Tivo'd shows and watched some old cartoons with my daughter (remember Penelope Pitstop, Dynomutt and Hong Kong Phooey?) Thankfully, I am almost back to full speed. My daughter, however, isn't not feeling too great. She had a fever last night but was feeling better this morning so she went to school. I haven't gotten a call today so I will assume all is well.
Have a wonderful, love filled Valentine's Day & enjoy some candy for me....


Laurie Anne said…
Being sick is such a drag. I'm glad you are feeling better. It never seems to fail, make a plan to get a lot of stuff done and then boom someone gets sick :0)

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