Bad Mommy..

Gosh, I can't believe it is Thursday already. Where, exactly, does the time go??

My daughter just came to me and asked, "Where is the Barbie makeup head that Annika gave me?" Now, the Barbie head has been gone for well over a month. It is one of those heads you can make up and do her hair. It had gotten so gross with tons of makeup all over, glitter in the hair, etc. I made the decision a while back to toss it - she hadn't played with it in months. So, what do you say when asked the above question??? "Mommy threw it away." No, I tried that once. Tears went on and on. So ( this is where the bad mommy comes in), I say, "Hmm, I am not sure, we'll have to look for it later. Why don't you go play with your real Barbies and do their hair?" This, thankfully, worked. But was it the right thing to do?? I will probably be struck down for this some day.

I just read Kellie's post at about yesterday's Oprah and the 'Freegan' lifestyle. Very interesting. Kellie pretty much said everything I was thinking about it. But it does get you wondering..could I EVER dig through someone else's garbage? I don't even like to have to dig through mine & I know what's in there. The waste in our country (and probably others too; I am sure we aren't the only guilty ones) is really disgusting. I think that alot of people just don't even think about it. They just assume they have to use paper towels, paper napkins, plastic bags, etc. I am famous in my family for washing and reusing sandwich bags. But I have my limits - I won't re-use anything that has stored raw meat. And cleaning peanut butter out of a bag is not fun. But if the bag held a few baby carrots for a few hours, why not?? I started it because it saves money but then I started thinking about the waste. Drive by the neighborhood and just see the trash sitting outside people's homes. Disgusting, I say. I know that larger families are going to generate more trash but when I see tons of aluminum cans (hopefully in the recycling bin) or bottles, I just wonder. The other thing I think is wasteful is at the grocery in the produce dept. I see people put ONE cucumber in the plastic bags. Why? I can see if you get 6 and don't want them rolling around in the cart getting damaged. But one should be safe. I may not ever be a Freegan but I do try to do my part and think about whether or not I really NEED something that I buy. I thought we could probably go a couple of years without buying anything new(except for food, toiletries & clothes for my daughter as she outgrows hers) & be just fine. Wouldn't my husband just love that......


Kellie said…
I forgot to come back on comment on this, and I really need to!

We have "disappearing" toys in our house too! I have this big storage closet in the basement playroom, and sometimes toys go there to die a slow death. And sometimes they are taken out the closet and sent packing. Whether it's actually in the closet or not, I seem to always tell her "it's in the closet somewhere -- I'll have to search later..." Then I secretly hope she forgets about it! I think I told her once that something broke (it did!) and that Mommy had to get rid of it because it didn't work anymore. I'm on your side; it's hard to keep everything, especially when things are worn out or don't work. Good luck with the toy thing!

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