It's that time again..

The time when my husband asks me every 30 seconds, "Are my taxes done?" I may be exaggerating but he really asks at least every other day! So I am going to install turbo tax today and get going. I should keep a log of how many times he asks me this. The wierd thing is that I really enjoy doing our taxes and turbo tax makes it pretty easy and stress free (usually).
My husband is going out of town to visit his uncle who has been diagnosed with cancer. He leaves tomorrow. I am kind of wishing we were going with him but it's not really a fun type of visit and not much to keep a 6 year old occupied. So we decided he would go alone so he could spend time with his uncle and not have to worry about us. My husband is a little bummed too since it has been snowing in his home town for about a week and it's going to continue to be really cold. Now, here in AZ we haven't gotten out of the 50's for a few weeks but the 30's are going to really be a shocker for him!
We had a really fun Super Bowl party on Sunday. We were a bit concerned since none of us were Giants or Patrtiot fans but it was a good time. I have one friend who came with her husband and kids and the husband was out of control mean and rude to just about everyone there (including his wife and kids!) It was this first time he met the rest of our friends that came so I was terribly embarrased and have been apologizing for his behavior. I am not sure what the deal was - I can only chalk it up to too much beer right now. My husband tried to calm this man down but wasn't too successful. I hate when these type of things happen. It is just uncomfortable. We have decided though it's time to distance ourselves from him. This is not the 1st time he has acted like this but it is the worst. The sad thing is that his wife is super nice and great to be around.
Well, I am off to lunch with my husband...


Laurie Anne said…
Good luck with the taxes :0)
deezie said…
Have fun doing your taxes I enjoy doing ours too:)
have a great lunch also:)

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