Robin Hood...

Disclaimer: I mean no offense to anyone.
This weekend LM asked me what a Democrat was.
Hmm, I knew I needed to explain this in a way an 8 year old would understand and not in a cynical, 40 yr old way.
So I said: "A Democrat is someone who believes that the government should help out people who need it, like the poor, and use taxpayer money (I explained what this was) to do it. They believe that everyone is entitled to have certain things (I didn't elaborate on what those things were).
And she said, "Oh, like Robin Hood."
YES, indeedy, just like Robin Hood.
(I am sure this isn't the definition according to Webster, but I thought it explained it in a VERY broad sense).


Jane H. said…
Hahah explaining politics (especially to kids) is always hard; it's good to take a lighthearted approach toward it, like you did.

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Tina Leigh said…
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is toooooo smart!!

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