What took you so long?

When we moved to AZ ten years ago I figured we wouldn't have a fireplace. I mean, who needs a fireplace in Arizona? So I was thrilled when we found a house with not one but two fireplaces. We use the one in the living room quite a bit in the winter. The one in the master bedroom, not so much. For some reason, someone thought the mantle in the bedroom looked good just stained a dark stain. I have never liked it and have always wanted to change it. For ten years. I finally did it over the weekend. Here's the before with just a bunch of junk scattered about.
And here's the after. Painted mantle and more thoughtful placement of some accessories. I painted the mantle, the mirror and the frame hanging in the middle (hard to see in the photo, not so hard to see in real life) the same color as the wall. I have no idea what color the wall is but I kind of like it. It's an off white but it has a bit of a pink tint to it. It took me several attempts to have the color mixed properly but finally the paint guy at Lowes did it (yay, Lowes!)
Here's a close up of the frame in the center. It used to be a dark walnut and it used to be a mirror. And it used to be my sister's. Before that it was my grandmothers. Not sure what happened to the mirror part but I found the frame sitting the the trash pile at my sister's condo so I took it home. Not sure if I'll do anything else with it. For now I like it as it is. The photo is of the Roche Harbor Chapel on San Juan Island, Washington. If you look at it just right it looks like an old man's face.

This little ceramic bowl of shells was made by my Grandma at her pottery class @ her assisted living home. Pretty neat.

Here's a glimpse of the mirror I painted. Kind of a crude job but let's just call it Shabby Chic.

I think it's a pretty dramatic change but my husband has yet to comment on it. I did the painting on Sunday while he was taking a nap. He'll notice it eventually I am sure. Let's just give him a week or so...

I'm linking up to DIY Day at a Soft Place to Land. Go check it out!
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Tina Leigh said…
lol...about your husband! I like both looks...I love clean white tho!!!
ClassiclyAmber said…
Sometimes paint can make ALL the difference in the world! This looks great! =-D
Sarah said…
I heart white paint. It can do no wrong!! Looks lovely!
So crisp and clean! It's gorgeous. I've been wanting to paint mine white, too, so this is great "research" for me! Good job.
Amazing the difference a coat of white paint makes!
Lisa B. said…
lol, my husband is the same way. I changed some pictures in the kitchen a couple months ago. Kiddo noticed it within an hour of being home, hubby finally noticed a couple days later.

I love your change. It looks so put together now.

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