Even though it's only Wednesday, it feels like a Thursday to me. Don't ask me why. I don't know. I usually only feel 'off' like this when Monday is a holiday (ie. President's day). For whatever reason I feel 'off' this week. Maybe I am still reeling from February (frankly, March has not started off a whole lot better but I'll spare you the details.)

Little Miss and a few of her girl friends had to stay after class today to talk to her teacher. Well, really the teacher talked to them. Apparently, the girls are being girls and being one's best friend one day and then not the next. You know, drama. The whole talk was instigated by one of the moms. Her daughter has been coming home crying because the girls are being mean. This is the same mom who called me up to tell me she didn't want LM playing with her daughter because she and her husband thought the girls needed a 'break'. Now she seems to be upset because the other girls don't want to play with her all the time. She accused LM of starting some of the 'stuff' (not all of it, there is a new girl who, to my understanding, has been a bit of a bully).

The teacher (who has been teaching 36 yrs and probably knows way more about 7 & 8 yr old girls than I do) seemed to handle it well. Although I don't know that it really needed 'handling'. But I guess it can't hurt.

The mom, Sue, told me while the girls were with the teacher that she told the teacher she thought all the girls should go see the school psychologist. WHAT?? I think I know who needs to see the psychologist, and it's not the girls!

I wish LM would just keep playing with the boys. So much less drama!

On to something really fun: Head over to Wendi's and see her super cute giveaway. It's her first one so I know she'd like you to visit.

Well, I am off to a hockey board meeting since I haven't had enough drama today...


Sarah said…
Ah yes. The seven and eight year old girls. This is the age when the drama starts! I have had more mothers confess to me at conferences that their daughters are in the midst of figuring out all the social drama/friendship/junk. Especially in the winter of second grade. The cliques and hurt feelings start. All a part of growing up and finding you place in life!!

It was actually refreshing to hear you say this. Each year we deal with this in our grade 2 classrooms!
It will all sort itself out... they figure it out- and need practice doing so!!

LM is noooormal :)
debra said…
Thank you Sarah.

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