Make your home a haven...

Monica is hosting 'Make your home a haven' week this week. I love the weeks she does this and it's perfect timing for me this week.

LM has fall break this week so I am home more than I have been lately and can concentrate more on home when I am here (obvious, I know).

One thing Monica talks about and I love the idea of is a morning routine. We have a routine all right but it's not quite as serene as I would like. Or quite frankly, as serene as it was before LM started school. I often doubt our decision to put her into our local public school and not home school her but I know for her it was the right decision. Maybe not for me, but for her definitely.

Part of the problem really enjoying my morning routine is getting up earlier. I get up between 5:30 and 6. Pretty early, right? The problem is that my husband goes to work between 6:15 and 6:30 and I need to make his breakfast for him to take and then LM usually is up when he leaves. For some reason, she will sleep in for about 30 extra minutes when school is out, so I am loving this week off.

My ideal morning routine is this:

  • Make hubby's breakfast & feed dog (they don't get the same breakfast!)

  • Make a cup of green tea

  • Quiet time

  • News (10-15 min). I like to start the day knowing what is going on out there.

  • Shower

  • Read

Once LM is up things start to move quickly. I usually eat breakfast with her but on school days when my friend E drives the kids to school & I have nowhere to go first thing I will sit with her while she eats and then eat breakfast by myself - that's kind of my quiet time on those days.

Planning- I got this wonderful new dry erase planner the other day. It has all of our names plus a place for family plans and dinner down the side and each day of the week across the top. It is perfect for us and I am loving having one place to write down every one's plans. I have tried many different ways to keep up with our activities but haven't really liked anything. So far so good on this. I have always been one to plan my next day the night before. I am a planner and like to know what I have going on as far in advance as possible.

My plan for this week is to work on my morning routine and see if I can keep it going once school starts next week.

Today I have the following planned:

Morning routine

Breakfast - hopefully outside if it's cool enough.

Start Laundry

Scrapbooking @ my friend H's house. LM is coming too and we're taking a field trip to Michael's! I am glad she is old enough to enjoy doing this with us.

Finish Laundry

Organizing playroom (we sold the TV that was in there last night so I need to do some rearranging)

Quiet time for LM and some computer work for me - pay bills etc.

Dad is home at 4:30 and time to make dinner (pollo asada, salad, corn)

I'll be back and let you know how much I accomplished...


Sounds great - good job in getting some routines in place (or back in place!) and going forward with those!

May God bless your efforts!
Anonymous said…
Hi there.

I'm late in visiting tonight as Tuesday is our busy day around our house.

It was nice to read your post today...we too decided on enrolling our daughter in public school. I had my doubts, but my husband felt strongly about providing her with the opportunity to attend. She is absolutely loving school and blossoming...but I still feel conflicted on this!

Anyway, it was nice to read a post that I could relate to on the education topic.

Hope that your morning routine goes smoothly tomorrow! Blessings to you from the Heartland,

Clorissa said…
Hello Debra,

Just stopping in to say "Hello". It sounds like you had a busy day. I so miss scrapbooking...I think I might schedule in some time to scrapbook on Friday. So thanks!

Love your blog...very sweet!

Glad you joined the Blog for Integrity movement :)

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