Week in review....

Last week I joined Monica's Make your home a haven week. It should have been more like make your car a haven week here. I was running around all week from one end of town to the other. Not quite what I planned.

But I do think I got a few things accomplished:

~organized the playroom - the garage is full of stuff to take to the goodwill (good bye little people!) We got a new flat screen TV for in there so it looks like there's alot more space and with the big purge there really is. Next 'room' to clear out obviously is the garage!
~I love, love, love my new planner and it is easy to use (a biggie for me) and everyone can see what is going on all week. Since school is back in session this week it will be the true test since everything is much busier this week....
~Had a good week with my morning routine. Again, a school week is the true test. It's a conscious effort to keep it going but when it works life is good and...
~laundry is under control. It's been a while, unfortunately. Not that anyone has a shortage of things to wear but we all have our faves.

This week is going to be absolutely crazy:
  • Monday- work @ my husband's office, scrapbook club (I have my priorities!), take LM to ballet, pick up LM, feed her, hockey board meeting for the hubby and me (hopefully my last one??)
  • Tues - take kids to school, PTA board meeting, payroll for hubby, side job, pick up 6 girls after school and take them to Brownies.
  • Wed- my 'slow day'! Famous last words. LM has CCD after school, that's all.
  • Thurs -dentist, meet with new insurance guy for hubby's life insurance policy, dance class.
  • Friday- No tardy picnic @ LM's school.

So in between all that I will do what needs to be done to keep this house running like a well oiled machine.

I am reading a book now that I am really enjoying and am taking some ideas/advice from. 'Stay Home, Stay Happy' by Rachel Campos-Duffy. I liked the title and she is a mom of 6 so I figured she might have something useful to say - I was a little unsure after I started the book - she's a good writer and easy to read but the first chapter was not the 'help' I was looking for. And then along came the second chapter- which is where I am now- I am liking some of her ideas and will probably implement them.

We were out of town over the weekend for an ice hockey tournament (for my husband) so I hope to post a little about that later this week. But if you don't see my for a few days re-read the bullet points in this post and you'll know why...


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