All That Candy...

It's that time of year when all parents ask 'What do we do with all that candy?'

We don't want to let the kids eat it all (or eat it all ourselves) & I feel horribly guilty tossing it out too soon. I have heard of people who let their kids eat all the candy they want for a couple of days and then pitch everything else. I haven't done that one yet.

I heard of a great idea this year. It's called Halloween Candy Buyback. Dentists buy back the candy from kids (I have heard some are giving $1 for each pound of candy but the amount may be different for some dentists) and donate the candy to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude then sends the candy to US Military serving in harm's way. Go to the Halloween Candy Buyback website, put in your zip code and a list of dentists close to you will pop up. Drop off the candy there and they take care of the rest. What a great way to get rid of the sugar and do a good thing at the same time. It sets a great example for your kids, too.

Don't forget the tried and true uses for the candy either:

  • Use the candy for Gingerbread Houses and cookie decorations at Christmas time.

  • Use it for ice cream toppings.

  • Package it up in cellophane bags with cute ribbons and tags to give as gifts for teachers, coaches, friends, etc.

Don't forget to check the candy your kids receive thoroughly and toss the stuff that's unwrapped, homemade or just plain suspicious or yucky looking.

And remember, they don't have to eat it all...


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