We spent last weekend in Phoenix so my husband could play in an ice hockey tournament at the Jobing.com arena, home of the Phoenix Coyotes. Kind of a dream come true for a hockey player who didn't quite make it to the big leagues. It was fun as a spectator, too. There weren't too many of us so we had front row seats. We also got a tour of the Coyotes locker room area. This is their workout room. They have inspirational quotes painted all over the room. I love the one below.
'The price of greatness is hard work.'
So true.
Here is LM in front of the doors that lead to the locker room, workout room, trophy case and hot/cold tub area. They had to radio up to have the doors unlocked. I think it looks so sophisticated. I kind of expected some non-descript door.
Here's the hubby in action. He's the one in the red jersey with the orange leg warmers. Apparently, players call them socks although there is no foot in them. Sounds like a leg warmer to me!

Out on the ice skating over the coyotes logo. See how empty it is in the stands?

Here he is in the penalty box. The only place I could get a good close up of him in his uniform.

His team was 2-2 and he scored a goal which was the highlight for him. So it was a pretty good weekend.


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