Skipping winter???

There has been some talk around these parts about skipping winter. Not because we want to, but because it just didn't look like it was coming. They even mentioned it more than once on the nightly news. On Thursday it was a record breaking 107. Friday, 104 - close to a record but not quite. Saturday it looked like Mother Nature had a little change of heart and we got some rain and cooler weather. Today I don't think the thermometer even hit 100. Yippee!

Yesterday we headed out to Scottsdale to get some new ice skates for my husband for the ice hockey tournament he is in next weekend at the arena - where the Phoenix Coyotes play. We had also planned on doing some ice skating while we were there but we got a late start and it took longer than expected to get the skates. Thinking we were skating we got 'all bundled up' in jeans and long sleeve shirts but ended up roasting in the 100+ temps. Last weekend we also went ice skating (which is how we knew hubby could use the new ice skates) and froze. Go figure.

Here's to hoping this cool weather sticks around for a while. I guess there's still a chance of an Indian Summer though...


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