Cake Boss, Part 2

As with most plans here at September Acres, they change a bit. I had planned to spend the weekend making test cakes for LM's first communion. On Saturday morning I realized I needed to run to Michaels to get a couple of cake decorating supplies. I planned to go while the hubby and LM were at hockey but the banana muffins I was making were not finished in time for me to sneak out before they got home. So, my quiet little trip by myself turned into a 3 hour tour with the family. We ended up going to Big 5, Home Depot, Michaels and Walmart. Fun times. So I ended up not baking cake until today. I have a few weeks until communion so it's okay. LM requested a marble cake so I did that today. Full disclosure - I used a mix and it turned out pretty darn good.
We spent some time talking to the Wilton specialist at Michaels about fondant. I just love the look but I wasn't sure if that's the way I wanted to go or not. After talking to her I don't think it is. We have a tub of Duff's fondant. In hot pink. I figured it would be good for the test cake to see if I liked working with it. It tastes okay but definitely not something I could see eating alot of. I figured we could use the fondant for decorations. The Wilton lady showed us how to make roses so the hubby & LM made some today. They did a nice job.

They used cookie cutters for the bunnies and egg. A nice look for Easter but not for a first communion. I was mainly looking to get the tasted down and I think we did that. I want really simple & elegant so I'll work on that. Sometime this week I plan to make the same devil's food cake that Laurie did. I'll see which one is the winner and make that for the first communion. Stay tuned for part 3- the devil's food cake!


you know, it's entirly possible to make fondant not so "chemically" made. The ingredients in some of it is out of this world. Any how, you can make your own very easily and less expensive. Here is one of many recipes, and it's based on marshmallows =) hope this helps
Debra said…
Thanks for the marshmallow tip. I will check into that for sure!
Wow... that looks so good!

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