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I love a good home tour. Andy @ Poppies at Play is having her 2nd Annual Parade of Homes Tour. You won't be disappointed if you go! Before you head over there I'd love to have you tour September Acres... Welcome! I love my front doors. When we bought this house I was so excited to have double doors. I always wanted a home with double doors. The original doors were very dark and had a 6 inch opening in each door that served as a 'peep hole'. It was kind of creepy really; haunted castle creepy. I wanted doors that would let in more light so I picked these.
Our 'mud room' - kind of - we have no mud here and it's not really a room but it's our jacket, handbag, backpack, shoe drop area right by the front door and leads into the kitchen & dining area.
The dining area. I love our table - it is compact but we can seat 8. Very nice to be able to do in this small space.
Hallway with my favorite barn star.
The kitchen.
Living room. We recently got this couch from my sweet friend J who was getting a new one. She GAVE it to us! Lucky us! We paid it forward and gave our friends our old couch for their new cabin.
The master bath. Nothing 'master' about it really except that it is in our bedroom. :) We remodeled it about 5 years ago and the change was amazing. When we bought this house there was carpet in here. All I can say is 'ick'!
Fireplace in bedroom.
Master bedroom.

That's all for now! Thanks for visiting.


Rebecca said…
Your home is so welcoming and fresh looking!!!!
love the master bedroom! that map over the bed just ties it all together beautifully!
Stacey said…
Very pretty. I love the colors you've used.
Thanks for your home your kitchen and your painted fireplace.

Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it! Love the picture on your other blog- where do you live?! It ooks amazing!
Debra said…
The picture on the other blog was taken in Australia when my sister was living there and we were visiting. It would be a dream to live there! But we live in Arizona!
Just popping over from Poppies at Play. Love seeing your beautiful place without having to leave mine.
Thanks for the tour.


Gg - Notes on the Journey
#3 (Kitchen tour from my vintage Chicago apartment)

ps. The paintcans are adorable.
BeKay said…
Very, very nice and welcoming. Can't wait to see the rest!
Laurie Anne said…
The house looks great Debra!! I love that shade of blue in the dining room :0)
Hi Debra. Our downstairs bath had carpet in it also when we bought it and you are right 'ick'! We yanked it out immediately and lived with plywood for awhile. I want do a tour of my house too, warts and all.
Sue said…
Hi Debra
I love the fireplace in your bedroom ~ so pretty, and I especially like all of the books cozied up around it. I love a room with lots of books in it!!
Have a great day.
Andy Porter said…
Oh, I love it! Those front doors are so awesome! I can see why you chose them! I love the blue in your master along with the fireplace. Also the blue in your dining area. I'm a huge fan of blue, and it looks so nice next to the covered chairs! Beautifully done!

Thanks for linking!

Poppies at Play
Comeca Jones said…
How lucky you guys are that sofa is Fab! Things are looking great so far.

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