To Paint or not to Paint...

that is a silly question. Of course I plan on painting. So we added the back splash which has really brightened the kitchen. There is still a bit of the wall that is dark brown (Chocolate Curl by Olympic). It looks okay but I am thinking something lighter but not sure if I want to go with a pale blue like this (China Blue by Benjamin Moore) or a creamy white like Sailcloth (Valspar)

or something else. I have the China Blue in my dining area which is open to the kitchen. It actually is a bit lighter than shown here. Believe it or not we have no where in town to get Benjamin Moore paint. A crime, isn't it? We had two places but one closed and the other stopped carrying it. There is a great guy at Lowe's who can color match it so I'm not too worried.

So let me know your thoughts. Take a look at the kitchen with the back splash - you'll also see the paint that is there now - the brown. The area that I want to paint is around the windows (that part touches the white cabinets) & a section of wall that is about 2 feet wide (you can see that here). Should I go with a pale blue or a creamy white? Or something else totally?

I will probably go get a few samples tomorrow & paint an area China Blue and see what I like but I look forward to hearing some other thoughts.


Laurie Anne said…
If you love that color blue, go for it. If you are worried about too much blue, maybe mix the paint with a little white to lighten it up. That way it isn't too matchy. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.
Debra said…
That's exactly what I was thinking. We have alot of blue in the house which I love but I don't want it to be too much so I thought about mixing it with white. Thanks!

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