My favorite paint color..

I stumbled upon this wonderful blog the other day. She is hosting a "My favorite paint color party". Go check it out & you will get lots of great inspiration.

I love paint, probably a little too much. Three of my favorite colors in my house are below.

"Chocolate Curl" by Olympic (at Lowes) in the kitchen. The star is painted "Sea Breath" by Valspar (at Lowes) - don't you just love that name?

"China Blue" by Benjamin Moore in the dining room.


Thanks for stopping by! Love that cool soft color on the star :)
gina said…
Those are both great names (I'm a sucker for anything chocolate,lol.) and look good together!
Sharon said…
I love your colors and the names are so YUMMY too!! :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful colors! I love the dark brown and the blue together, it is just gorgeous!
Marie said…
Love your room - it's fabulous!

melissa said…
Thank you for sharing 3 beautiful colors with us. I do love that name~sea breath. Thanks for joining the party!!
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