My husband & I may or may not appear in the upcoming movie 'Piranha 3D' that is being filmed in our town.

We were boating with some friends over the weekend (sans kids) and were down at the channel (where people park their boats and boat watch - like we used to cruise the strip in high school - a very mature thing for 30 & 40 yr olds to do!) We knew the movie was filming so we walked down to the end where it was taking place to check things out. As we walked down there I noticed a sign that basically said 'We're filming a movie. If you pass this sign you may be in the movie and won't be paid.' We saw a few actors walking around with their fake blood and cuts on their skin, so it's going to be gory - but I guess the name eludes to that, too. The actors were on their lunch breaks so chances are we won't be in the movie but I wanted to mention it. Just in case.


Laurie Anne said…
You never know, my aunt and uncle were extas in the movie Tentacles and my uncle ended up with a close up :0)

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