Yes, I just totally copied this wonderful idea from Sandra. I let Little Miss make a list of things she wanted to do this summer. I had to help her make some of the list as I wanted to make sure we could do at least some of the things. Since Sea World and Nick Family Cruise were the first 2 I knew she needed some guidance, hence the 2nd page. Let me decipher some of the things:

Nick Family Croos = Nick Family Cruise
Vages= Las Vegas
Mrgretivil= Margaritaville
looow= Luau
Bech= Beach

I am going to avoid 'watch 4 hours of SpongeBob'. That is 4 hours in one day (I asked). Does that sound like torture??

There is a family in our town that had sextuplets a couple of years ago. This Thursday their show debuts on the Women's Entertainment (WE) network. Channel 260 on Directv. I don't personally know them but I do hope they don't end up being another Jon & Kate. Time will tell.

I am off to rearrange furniture. I am finally getting my chair and ottoman recovered and it has been picked up for the transformation, leaving my living room barer than bare. I am not sure how I am going to make it look decent for the next two weeks. My challenge lies in the fact that I am not 'allowed' to move my husband's recliner. It would be so much easier if I could...


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