Friday, June 19, 2009

Frugal Kid's Crafts...

I cannot take credit for this idea since I saw it one day when I was watching TV with Little Miss. But I thought is was a great idea and we are doing it this summer...
  1. Get an old box and fill it with anything you would throw out or recycle: egg cartons, plastic containers, paper bags (I would stay away from plastic bags for obvious reasons), straws, "kids cuisine" containers, water bottles, Styrofoam cups & take out containers, etc.
  2. Clean everything that needs to be cleaned.
  3. Get out the markers, glue, paint, colored paper, etc. & let their imaginations take over.

Here's our box so far:I let LM decorate the box. We will continue to fill it until I need to take it out for an "I'm bored" day. I'll try to post the treasures that are made.

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Kindra said...

This is a wonderful idea! We recycle but it always seems nasty digging through the recycling bin to get something out for a project. We definitely need to do this!