Pot, meet Kettle...

In the 'headlines' today:
'Octomom' blasts Kate Gosselin
Suleman rolls her eyes while accusing Gosselin of being "desperate for attention" and "over-emotional."
Excuse me?? First, let me say that:
1) I am not a huge celebrity gossip type of girl
2) I am basically indifferent to Kate Gosselin
That being said, this headline caught my eye yesterday on the MSN homepage making me check out the article. I thought 'of all people calling Kate desperate for attention.' And now I am pretty much speechless.
On to real life. Little Miss went to her friend 'M's yesterday for lunch and to swim. I dropped her off about 11:30 and picked her up about 4. When I pulled into the driveway at M's Little Miss came running out of the garage, crying. I was not surprised as this is usually the case when it is time to go home. But this time LM said " M yelled at me, I want to go home." Ugh. M barely utters a word on most days so this surprised me. After we got home LM told me that M said "LM get over here, my mom is looking for you." Okay, not a tragedy, just confusion. And a tired, hot, hungry, crabby girl.
We arrive home and I immediately give LM a cold drink of water and put her in the tub. Things are looking up already. While in the tub I ask what the kids had for lunch. 'A hot dog (that, & chips were all that were offered & she had no chips), but it was a big one. I think it was beef. I didn't finish it because I didn't like it.' That's because you usually eat turkey or chicken dogs, I say. How she knew they were beef is beyond me but she knew she didn't like them. So, she had half a hot dog for lunch, one soda and one juice, was in the sun for 4+ hours (plenty of sunscreen) during the heat of the day & it was 103 degrees out. No wonder she was crabby & tired. I asked if she had any water and she said no. Yikes. It's Arizona in the summer for heaven's sake - I thought we all served water. Apparently not.
Mommy lesson learned today: Put a full water bottle in LM's pool bag next time she goes to M's and send a bowl of fruit as a contribution for lunch. That and maybe M should come here instead...


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