The week in review...

This was not me this week.
This is more like it:
I thought it would be a quieter, more serene week since we had no VBS and it was the last week of tennis. But it has been exhausting keeping Little Miss busy this week. She always wants to be on the go. Me, not so much. She blazes through projects like crazy. We had friends over and that was a disaster - they were only here for an hour & the visiting friends fought the whole time. Yesterday we were out of the house from 8:45 until 3. ugh. We did go see 'Nim's Island'. It was fabulous, I highly recommend it.

Today we are going to the library to see a magic show at 1. I tell LM, 'we are not going anywhere until it's time to go to the magic show.' 'OK', she says. I think that maybe I am getting some where until.... at 8:45 am she asks, 'is it almost time to go?' What?

I try to do alot with her but she needs to play on her own and I need to do things that take concentration sometimes and just need some QUIET. I know my husband comes home and wonders what we do all day. The house is in total disarray. I just don't have a grasp on everything this week. Glad it's Friday. I'll try again next week.

I even asked my husband if he was absolutely positive he didn't want another child, thinking a playmate might keep LM occupied. He is sure.

On the bright side: I got my David Cook tickets in the mail this week. It's the little things right now...


The Mrs. said…
I feel like I always have a whole days worth of activities planned and Landon burns through it in 15 minutes!!! HA!

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